Seeing as how my days playing Destiny are coming to an end, it’s time to look forward to Destiny’s sequel, which will be released later this year. From my own experiences with the game, I’ve come up with seven things I’d like to see in Destiny 2. Hopefully developer Bungie does at least a few of them.

Better storytelling
Destiny’s first mission infamously begins with your Ghost telling you’ll get answers to your questions later, but by the time you complete the final story mission of the base version of Destiny there are still a ton of unanswered questions. The game has a pretty good setup for its universe, but fails to deliver adequate context for everything that’s going on. Major improvements to storytelling were made in The Taken King expansion pack, so one can only hope Destiny 2 will more closely follow the example it set.

Overhaul/eliminate grimoire cards, or at least make them accessible in-game
Closely related to the item above, the whole Grimoire card system needs to be either removed and replaced with something else, or at least be made accessible while playing Destiny. The Grimoire cards contain information related to various things in Destiny’s universe, as well as short lore snippets that make for some interesting reading material. Unfortunately, the Grimoire cards are not actually in Destiny, and you either have to go to Bungie’s website or download the companion app the view them. Separating out these important sources of context from the main game was a huge mistake in my opinion, and Destiny 2 would be better served if the storytelling of the Grimoire cards done directly in-game.

Directional indicators for father away Community Events
Community Events are challenges that randomly appear in the various worlds in Destiny that anyone nearby can participate in. Examples include destroying an enemy tank, defending a position, and eliminating a high-value target. Community Events were some of my favorite things to do in Destiny, however there were times where I knew a Community Event was starting but I didn’t know where it was since I was not in the area where it was being held. A simple directional indicator for which way I need to go in order to get to a farther away Community Event would be appreciated in Destiny 2 (assuming Community Events are in Destiny 2).

Transmutation for non-exotic weapons and armor
Destiny gives you lots of cool weapons and armor as you play the game, but some of these items can clash with each other visually, leaving you with a somewhat awkward looking character. To give your character a more visually pleasing appearance, I would suggest adding a new vendor to Destiny’s social spaces whom you could pay to transmutate your gear into other forms. Your gear’s stats and abilities would remain unchanged, but now your gear could look the way you want. Transmutation would not apply to exotic weapons and armor, however, seeing as how those are very special pieces of equipment that are meant to have specific designs.

Reroll individual weapon and armor abilities
In Diablo 3 you could pay a vendor to reroll an individual ability of a piece of gear if you didn’t find that ability useful or just wanted to take a chance on getting something better than what you already had. A similar system would be very welcome in Destiny 2, so that players could better customize their weapons and armor to their individual playstyles. Of course, constraints on rerolling abilities would have to be set in order to keep players from crafting weapons and armor with brutally unfair combinations of abilities. Perhaps limiting players to being able to reroll only one ability per piece of gear, and certainly exotics would be exempt from rerolling abilities.

More vault space
I never completely filled up my vault while playing Destiny, but I don’t doubt that lots of players probably did. While you can store a decent amount of gear in Destiny’s vault, I think Destiny 2 should increase players’ available vault space. Maybe another ten storage slots per category would do the trick.

Story missions for unlocking all additional character subclasses
When I acquired the Sunsinger subclass for my warlock, it just popped into my character menu without any context for what it was or why I should use it. With the Stormcaller subclass, however, I got an actual story mission that helped me understand what it was and gave me a taste of how cool a Stormcaller could be. I was immediately sold on the Stormcaller and started putting time into leveling it up. In Destiny 2 there should always be a mission like the one I got for the Stormcaller whenever a new subclass is to be unlocked. Don’t just give me a new subclass—show me why I want it.

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