Earlier this year I mentioned that I was going to dedicate some amount of time in 2017 to replaying games from years past. I think it’s now high-time for me to get going on that, and today I’m announcing that as I play through these favorites of mine I’ll be creating a new series of writing pieces called Replaying the Classics. Currently I’m not sure what the format of these writing pieces will be, but I think it’s fair to assume that they will be a little different from my Late to the Party series of writing pieces. Ideally I would write and publish these writing pieces on a regular schedule, but with my job taking up so much of my time, and the fact that some games on the docket are longer than others, I can’t really say how frequently Replaying the Classics will appear on this website. Another bummer is that because I’ll be playing most, if not all, of these games on PlayStation 3, I won’t have any ability to take screenshots or videos to accompany my writings about the games. I guess that means going back to my old ways of utilizing Google Images and trying to find media that doesn’t have watermarks or other copyright indications. The first edition of Replaying the Classics should go up sometime next month. Prepare yourself for a dive into Ricardo’s gaming catalog.

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