I find myself checking Twitter more and more while I’m at work. Just about every hour I’ll pause what I’m doing, open up the Twitter app on my phone and see what the people I follow are saying. It used to be that I’d only check Twitter about twice per day, so something has changed to get me connecting to the world of Twitter with such increasing regularity. I suspect that I’m using Twitter as a means of brief escape from the depression of my job. For an hour I grind my way through spreadsheets and then for sixty seconds I disconnect from that world to immerse myself in the comings and goings of other peoples’ lives. It’s kind of sad, now that I think about it. Other than a moment of forgetting about my job, I’m not really gaining anything from this new habit of mine. Then again, if reading Tweets for one minute each hour helps get me to the end of the workday, then maybe it’s not entirely a bad thing.

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