Despite living in Colorado for over a decade now, up until this year I never really appreciated the light we get around here in the evening time. Assuming I work an eight-hour shift, I normally get off of work in the late afternoon and from there head to the gym for my workout, so when I finally commute home for the day it’s the early evening and the sun is going down, though not low enough for it to be considered sunset. On my drive home I’ve become more aware than ever before of this evening light, and it’s made the commute much more enjoyable as Colorado’s natural beauty is somehow amplified by that evening glow. I think part of the reason I hadn’t noticed the evening light in the past is that my commute to my last job had me driving into the sun in both the morning and evening. Having the sun’s rays blasting right into your face tends to reduce your ability to take in the scenery. Now that I’m doing a reverse route and driving away from the sun I’m seeing much more of the landscape and can better absorb the radiance of Colorado in that evening light. It’s quite a sight to behold.

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