On Saturday I finally finished replaying the first game for my Replaying the Classics series of writing pieces. It should have been finished it a week earlier, however my job had me working longer hours than expected that prior weekend. Upon finishing the game I started thinking over how I wanted to write the first edition of Replaying the Classics. I knew I wanted Replaying the Classics to have a different feel from what I had done with Season 1 of Late to the Party, but I wasn’t sure exactly how it would be different. Later that day a simple but profound realization hit me. With Late to the Party I was playing a game for the first time and attempting to create a worthwhile analysis of it by giving my thoughts on both its component parts and my overall enjoyment of the game. In Replaying the Classics I’m playing a game that I’ve completed before and obviously I’m a fan of—hence why I played it again—and I already have at least a fair level of knowledge on the game, so the only way writing about the game will be stressful is if I choose to make it stressful. I finished the game with relative ease, and my writing should reflect the energy of my playthrough. As with Late to the Party, it will likely take several editions of Replaying the Classics for me to find my footing, but I’m hopeful that from the very first entry in this new writing series it will be clear that I’m not trying to repeat what I did with the other writing series. Tomorrow will see the publishing of the very first installment of Replaying the Classics, so you’ll soon be able to judge for yourself if I succeeded.

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