I’ve developed a tradition over the preceding years in which I reward myself for participating in the Bolder Boulder by relaxing all dietary restrictions for one week immediately after the race. On top of this, I usually go out of my way to eat something that I haven’t eaten in a long time. This year’s particular indulgence is going to be getting a Blizzard from Dairy Queen. Yes, you read that right, this year’s reward for finishing the Bolder Boulder will be an ice cream treat (it is ice cream, right?) from Dairy Queen. I used to go to get a Blizzard about once a month in the first few years after graduating college, but after that I hardly ever bought them. This wasn’t because I had developed a distaste for Blizzards, but rather because I started to get more serious about my health and I didn’t live in a part of Boulder with a Dairy Queen conveniently nearby. I think the last time I had a Blizzard was last summer, so it’s been nearly a year since I last got one. The real question, however, is whether I buy an old favorite like double fudge cookie dough or take a chance on a new flavor.

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