For the month of May the biggest news in my writing project was that I realized I had a massive plot problem in an early section of the story. In this particular section there are five plot threads running concurrently and I had really screwed them up. To help untangle everything, I went to my white board and tried to draw out each plot line as best I could. Below is a photo I took after a lot of time banging my head against the wall the white board hangs on.

As you can see, I ran out of space due to my white board not being very big, but I think I got to a place where I’ve sorted out the problems and can just write the rest on my computer. You might also note that I used abbreviations for names and only wrote the barest of details. This was partly to save space, and partly because I knew I was going to take this photo and I was paranoid that someone would see it and steal my ideas. Obviously this is a very silly fear, seeing as how my ideas aren’t worth stealing, but I won’t take the risk that someone else will getting the credit for my terrible story.

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