Another wave of fake Internet outrage swept over the gaming world recently regarding the multiplayer of the upcoming Call of Duty WW2. While in the game’s singplayer campaign you play as a Caucasian American soldier fighting the Nazis across the Western Front of 1944 and 1945, in multiplayer you can customize your soldier’s race and gender, meaning that you could potentially be playing a multiplayer match as a black female paratrooper. Internet commenters were up in arms, decrying the absurdity of this and other historically inaccurate soldiers being potentially playable in multiplayer. Personally, I have I have no issue with customizing a player’s avatar in WW2’s multiplayer. If a person wants to criticize WW2’s historical accuracy, they ought to be scrutinizing the singleplayer campaign, which is actually trying to tell a historically plausible story. Multiplayer, on the other hand, is not trying to tell a serious story and is inherently implausible by its very nature. There’s hardly anything realistic in multiplayer, so throwing a fit about customizing a player’s a race and gender in it strikes me as just silly. Then again, these are Internet commenters we’re dealing with here, so we shouldn’t be surprised that they’re making a fuss, especially given the fact that it’s still quite fashionable to hate on Call of Duty games.

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