You might remember that near the end of May I participated yet again in the Bolder Boulder, and that this year did not go well for me. In the weeks following the race my hip joints have largely returned to their pre-race conditions, however my knees have been much slower to heal. My right knee, in particular, hurts when put under any strain more intense that normal walking. Last week I was having a dinner with a friend of mine who works at a medical clinic and upon hearing of my problems he volunteered to give my knees an inspection at his clinic, which was conveniently nearby. He performed an ultrasound on both knees and found muscle damage in both, and in the right knee I have a small muscle tear. To help stimulate healing he injected a chemical mixture deep into my knees that causes inflammation and tells the body that there’s a problem there that needs to be fixed. I was fully conscious the whole time and on a monitor next to the bed I was on I got to watch the ultrasound images of everything he was doing, which was kind of cool. Since that day I’ve been trying to take it easy and stay optimistic about my knees getting back into good condition. I really, really, need them healed prior to my trip to Asia, which might sound weird at first since that trip is technically a vacation, but those who know me know that my overseas vacations are normally intense blitzkriegs of whatever places I’m visiting.

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