I’ve been interested in drone photography for years, but three things have always held me back. The first is the cost of buying a drone, however in recent years we’ve seen drone prices steadily declining so at some point the cost issue won’t be much of a problem. The second and biggest barrier between drone ownership and me is that I’m scared I would accidentally break the law and be slapped with a hefty fine for using a drone. Recently I went online and found the FAA’s basic rules for operating drones, but it looks like individual states also have their own laws regarding what you can and cannot do with drones. I have no desire to get into legal trouble because of my hobby, so part of me doesn’t think using a drone would be worth the risk. The third thing holding me back from buying a drone is that I know a lot of people hate drones—oftentimes for very good reasons—and I don’t want to add to the problems they can cause in our society. Should I overcome the inhibitions mentioned in this post and purchase a drone in the future I’ll probably do a follow-up post, but for now drone ownership remains unlikely.

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