In my preparations for traveling to Asia I’m relearning an old lesson that I learned before each of my trips to Europe, and somehow forgot after both of them. There are tons of things I need to think over and make decisions on, to the point that I’ve had nights where it feels like I’m trying to run in a hundred different directions at once. Working like this is extremely taxing on the mind and gets very little accomplished. What I’ve relearned is that it is far better to dedicate each planning session to resolving a single issue and concentrating my mental efforts on that issue. For example, one night I focused only on purchasing my Japan Rail Pass and a pocket wifi. Another night was spent solely on deciding my flight from Japan to Korea. While it might seem that I’m not getting much done on any single night, I’m actually making steady progress and accomplishing a lot more than when I was pulling myself every which direction and staring at a dozen different tabs on my Internet browser. As it turns out, it’s more effective to walk one step at a time towards your goal than to run in circles.

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