An extremely uncommon thing will happen this month. During a month where I have a source of income, I will finish the month having spent more money than I take in. I honestly can’t remember the last time this ever happened, and it legitimately might be a first for me. Generally speaking, I live a fairly frugal lifestyle and never spend more money than I make (except of course for when I’m unemployed) but with many notable expenses all happening in the same month I unfortunately will finish July in the red. Among other things, this month I paid for my rail pass for Japan, a pair of flights within Asia, a new camera and other things to go with it, the first few accommodations in Japan, a pocket wifi rental, some new travel clothes, and I had multiple dental bills. Thanks to the money I have saved up from many months of spending far less than what I earn I am in no financial danger from all the expenses this month, but it still hurts a bit to see that my net revenue for this month is negative. Depending on how things turn out there’s a chance that I might be in the red again for the month of August, but with so many major expenses already knocked out I’m not particularly concerned about any long-term negative trends. Soon enough, I’ll be back in the black.

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