I remember reading some time back about how when a World War 2 bomber like the B-17 would drop its bombs there was a tendency for the aircraft to lurch higher into the air due to the sudden change in the plane’s mass. A pilot could compensate for this by angling the nose of the bomber slightly downwards, but after releasing the payload and closing the bomb bay doors there would soon be a noticeable difference in how the plane behaved as opposed to before the bombs were dropped. Now significantly lighter, the bomber required less power from the engines to stay aloft and was generally easier to handle. A similar thing has happened to me now that I’ve informed my employer of my intention to quit. I’m no longer walking around pretending like nothing is going on and I don’t have to hold on to the secret I’ve been carrying around for the past few months. My bomb bay is empty, and with my plane now lighter I can fly a lot easier than before.

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