People have been complaining for a few weeks about changes made to Youtube’s algorithms and suggested videos, and I can say that I’ve noticed some of these changes too. In order to keep myself from spending hours each day on Youtube, I intentionally limit my Youtube viewing to a small number of channels and in the past my Youtube experience had been very convenient because when I loaded Youtube on my web browser I would predominantly see videos from those channels. More recently, however, when I go to Youtube I’m seeing fewer videos from my preferred channels, to the point where sometimes I have search for those channels in order to find their content (a First World Problem, if there ever was one). In the place of some of the videos I’d like to see on my Youtube front page are things I’m not interested in, and also some stuff I really don’t want to watch. Seriously, why does Youtube think I’d be interested in watching wild animals decapitate each other? The majority of things I watch on Youtube are related to video games, so why is all this other stuff showing up? I’m hopeful that with time Youtube will relearn the sorts of things I watch and don’t watch, but for now I’m a bit annoyed.

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