With all the stress of work and travel preparations I have found gaming to be an even more welcome diversion than usual lately. The trouble has been that I’ve been feeling like playing something new, but I committed myself to not start any new games until after I get back from Asia. Thankfully Uncharted 4 had me covered and solved my little conundrum by giving me a new experience in a game I’d already played. Earlier this year Uncharted 4’s developer Naughty Dog released a new multiplayer cooperative mode called Survival, in which three players have to survive waves of enemies, sometimes while completing particular tasks and sometimes with special modifiers to the gameplay. I had never tried out Survival Mode up until now, but that clearly was a mistake because I’m really digging it. In fact, I had to pull myself away from Survival Mode last Saturday because I was going overboard and spending too much time on it. I wish I had tried out Survival mode earlier and had more time to play it, but I suppose it’s better to be late than to never show up at all.

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