7-Eleven stores are all over Japan and Korea, and I gotta say, they’re a step up from their American cousins. Japanese and Korean 7-Elevens have fairly good food, reliable ATMs that work with foreign debit cards, and very friendly staff that (at least pretend to) care about giving you good service. In Japan 7-Eleven even has its own delivery service you can use to ship items to any other 7-Eleven in the country (I don’t know if Korean 7-Elevens do this too). Of course, if you’re wanting to create a great meal or find a better selection of random stuff then you would go to an actual supermarket or department store, but you could do far worse than going to 7-Eleven. I guess what you could say is that 7-Elevens (and other convenience stores) in Japan and Korea are strangely, well, convenient.

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