Yesterday I wrote about the torrent of sexual misconduct allegations that rushed through the gaming community and took down many people. One of those persons was Tyler Malka, the owner of NeoGaf. I might have visited NeoGaf once, but otherwise I avoided it like the plague due to its reputation for spewing forth some of the most vile and vitriolic online behavior in the gaming world. NeoGaf collapsed not long after Tyler Malka was accused of sexual assault, which is notable due to his supposed commitment to stamping out misogyny in gaming, and normally I’d let the death of a website go without comment but for NeoGaf I make an exception. Seeing a place as contemptible as NeoGaf go up in flames was undeniably satisfying. True, there will always be hate and harassment online, and the remnants of NeoGaf have started a new website that might turn out to be even worse than NeoGaf, but for once we got to see a bastion of wickedness destroyed.

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