The standard new-release price of AAA video games in America has been stuck at $60.00 for over a decade now despite both the increased costs of video game development and the normal process of inflation. Before the start of the PS4/Xbox One/Nintendo Switch console generation I had been wondering if perhaps the price of games would go up to $70.00 but instead they’ve stayed put where they are. As a consumer I like this as it means games are effectively cheaper to buy than they’ve ever been, but as a gamer I’m a little concerned about what this might mean for the industry. Personally I’d be ok with the standard price of AAA games going up to $70.00 to account changes that have happened over the last ten years (and if means a reduction or elimination of microtransactions in AAA games). Another possibility I would be amenable to is a broader spectrum of game prices. Some games like GTA could easily justify a price of $80 or even $100 given the sheer amount of content they deliver, while other smaller games could be released at $30 or $40 or whatever is appropriate.

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