With 2017 now in the books I want to spend the rest of this week looking back at the preceding year and then next week looking at the year ahead. Today I’m proud to announce the final word count on this website for 2017. The total number of words published here in 2017 was:


That’s only about half as many words published as last year, but completely within my expectations given the differences in the content being published in 2016 versus what was published in 2017. In 2016 I had a lot more posts with over a thousand words due to series like Late to the Party and the travelogue posts from Europe 2015, as well as a period of unemployment that gave me the time needed to generate longer writing pieces on a regular basis. 2017, by contrast, was marked by long stretches of being busy with life and a trip to Asia during which I didn’t publish often. Replaying the Classics did help bump up the number of longer posts in 2017, but I didn’t have the time to replay and write about as many games as I did when I was working through Late to the Party in 2016.

Regardless of the reason for the number, I believe in celebrating all victories, big and small, and on this website most of you know that I commonly do so with gifs. To commemorate 2017’s final word count, I present something that’s long overdue on this website: a Star Wars-themed gif.


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