We’re still years away from getting mech suits like in the anime I used to watch, but each year we seem to get a little closer. The above video is a piece of promotional material that I discovered thanks to social media and it got me thinking again about how cool it would be to pilot some sort of robot suit. It also triggered the amateur engineer side of my brain about how to make the suit better. Being entirely human-powered, I suspect that it can’t lift heavy objects, so some sort of power system should be added. Maybe hydraulics. You could mount more mechanical parts to the suit’s back and that would give the added bonus of creating a counterweight that would help when lifting objects. I can’t tell if there are shock absorbers in the legs, but they should definitely be installed so that the suit can jump and land without hurting the pilot. Related to that, I don’t know if this thing can get back up on it’s own if it falls over and if the pilot is sufficiently protected from falls. Being as tall as it is, and with those large shoulders and arms, the suit looks top heavy. More weight needs to go to the middle and lower sections to balance that out.

But, yeah, concerns aside, where can I get one? For those interested, below is a more informative video on the same robot suit.

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