Hello everyone and welcome to Ricardopedia. For the past several weeks I’ve been slowly working on this website and today I’m pleased to officially announce it to the world. After nearly six years of writing on Blogger I finally have a website all my own. All content from my previous blog has been transferred here, so you can find everything on this website rather than having to search the old one.

Across the top of this website you’ll see that I have a header image that states the current month and the location the image is from. My plan is to cycle a new image every month, so even if you don’t care for anything that I write you can still come back once per month to check out the scenery. All header images will be photos that I’ve taken over the years in both America and around the world.

Also along the top, in the upper right of the screen, are links to three important pages. The About page is a brief description of myself and my writings, the Contact page allows readers to send feedback, and the Suggested Reading page contains a curated listed of my most notable work. Since I’ve published hundreds of writing pieces over the past six years it can be hard to separate the wheat from the chaff, and thus I’d recommend you check out that page to save some time and go right to the good stuff.

Hopefully you enjoy the new website and thanks for your visit today.


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