Every day people are creating and deleting Facebook accounts, but with the recent controversy over Facebook’s handling of user data there’s been the #DeleteFacebook movement that’s seen a number of high-profile individuals deleting their Facebook pages. As for me, this latest controversy isn’t enough to get me to delete my Facebook profile, but it has reinforced my policy of giving Facebook as little personal information as possible and not being an overly active user of the platform. Facebook still has some utility as a public bulletin board, a messenger service, and a birthday reminder app, but it’s clear to everyone now that Facebook can’t be completely trusted. Actually, was it ever trustworthy? As I said yesterday, the fact that Facebook harvests user data and uses it to make money has been obvious for years, so why did anyone ever trust Facebook with their data? Anyways, if anyone wants to deactivate their Facebook profile, I completely understand and would never discourage anyone from doing it. Social media has a tendency to make us unhappy and stupid, so if anything it’s probably for the best that people get off Facebook.

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