Sometimes on my Instagram account I post old photos from prior to when I created the account in 2015. Normally I’ll do this on Thursdays and use the #ThrowbackThursday hashtag. When looking at the calendar last week I realized that I’m now in the time period when I was traveling across Europe for the first time in 2012. A lot of the photos from that trip were shared on Facebook but I never put them on Instagram, so I’ve decided that each Thursday, from now through mid-July, I’m going to publish a Throwback Thursday photo from Europe 2012. My goal is to publish a photo of the place that I was in on that day six years ago, though I might let myself bend the rule if there’s a really good photo from the place I visited a little before or after that day. If you want to follow along with the photos there’s a button that links to my Instagram profile on the right side of this website, or you can click the link here.

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