I stated in Friday’s post on Titanfall 2’s singleplayer campaign that the story was just so-so, and that’s true, but the story does have a really good character moment that I wanted to write about in a separate post. This moment involves Kuben Blisk, who was an antagonist character in the first Titanfall and returns as a bad guy in Titanfall 2, but this time as the leader of the Apex Predator mercenaries. At the end of the game, after defeating Sloan, BT is temporarily disabled and lying on the ground with Jack barely conscious inside. Blisk shows up with his own Titan, but instead of killing Jack he hops out of his Titan and onto BT and tells Jack that neither of them are going to be killing each other that day. Blisk then drops his business card on BT’s hull before leaving. Up until that point there wasn’t much about Blisk from either Titanfall 1 or 2 to make him much of a memorable character—other than his lovable South African accent—but when he dropped that business card I was immediately won over. I mean, seriously, how big are the stones on this guy? Jack (together with BT) wiped out hundreds of IMC grunts and robotic soldiers, destroyed dozens of IMC Titans and Harvesters, blew up billions of dollars of hardware, didn’t blink earlier in the game when Blisk put a gun to his head, killed five of Blisk’s best mercenaries, and after all of that when Blisk finds Jack helpless Blisk’s first thought is “I should do business with him.”

Like a boss

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