Ok, permit me one more Titanfall 2-related post and then I’ll move on to other topics. I just want to bring up one more thing that probably would be understandable if I knew more about the Titanfall universe but currently makes no sense in my mind. Towards the end of the singleplayer campaign you’re in a bad spot and you pull out your emergency survival kit, which includes a Data Knife and one of the greatest sidearms of all time, the Smart Pistol. This gun can lock-on to multiple enemies and headshot them in a fraction of a second. With how amazing this gun is I don’t understand why it’s kept in reserve for only the direst of circumstances. The Smart Pistol should not be a pilot’s last resort; it should be their FIRST resort. This gun is effectively a small superweapon, and by keeping it in the survival kit you break the first rule of (fictional) superweapons, which is that superweapons should never be held in reserve and instead be used as early and as often as possible. The Militia would have defeated the IMC long ago if they just had the sense to issue this gun to all pilots and tell them to bring it to every fight.

Five versus one? Not even remotely a problem.

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