Six years ago today I was in Toledo, Spain, which was the capital of Spain until 1561 when the Spanish court moved to Madrid. Toledo’s old city was built on a hill with a river surrounding the old city on three sides, making for a strong defensive position. At the top of Toledo’s hill is the city’s High Gothic cathedral, considered one of the greatest Gothic cathedrals in all of Spain. I’m not publishing photos on the interior in this post, but needless to say it’s quite impressive. The tourist horde normally hangs out around the cathedral and the northern half of the old city, so if you need a break from the crowds head down to the south side by the river for a quiet escape. Toledo is an easy day-trip from Madrid and worth a visit if you’re interested in seeing what old Spain used to look like. For me, in addition to the things I saw in the old city, Toledo has the distinction of being the place where I encountered the Lost American who was trying to find a local torture museum (click the link for that story).

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