Yesterday was Memorial Day here in America. Over the past decade it’s been my normal pattern to run the Bolder Boulder on Memorial Day but this year I wasn’t able to participate so I decided to go for an extended bicycle ride instead. The whole ride was about 28 miles in length and I stopped a few times to take photos with my phone. It was a cool, cloudy day yesterday, which didn’t make for the best photos but also helped keep me from overheating on the more strenuous parts of the ride. Below are some of the shots I collected.

Riding along the freeway.
Rural roads on the southeast edge of Boulder.
The street I used to live on. Looks like it’s getting repaved.
I passed by one of the streets where the Bolder Boulder was taking place. By the time I got there it was mostly walkers and joggers.
Climbing higher into Boulder Canyon.
This photo was taken close to the point where I turned around.

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