I love a good video game trailer. Since I first started diving deeper into the gaming world in my college days I’ve probably watched a few thousand game trailers and to this day I still enjoy watching them. Back in the heyday of the PS3/Xbox 360 console generation you could download game trailers off of PSN onto your PS3 and over the years I slowly built up a collection of trailers on my PS3’s hard drive. Most of them are from games I had played, but there are a few from games like Gran Turismo 5 that I’ve never touched but still really liked the trailer for. Two or three times each year I find myself falling down the trailer hole and binge watching the trailers saved on my PS3. Two weeks ago I had one such time and spent 3 consecutive nights working through those trailers. Each trailer for a game I played brought back memories from that game and for a moment I even entertained the thought of suddenly halting this season of Late to the Party and starting a new season of Replaying the Classics. That moment soon passed and I returned to my senses, but it made me glad that I’ve never sold my PS3 and still have that collection of trailers on it. It seems like you can no longer download trailers off of PSN, however, so whenever my PS3 finally bricks I’m going to lose all those trailers. That will be a sad day indeed.

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