A month ago I announced that I was adjusting my publishing schedule on this website and reducing the number of writing pieces published each week from 5 down to 4. In the weeks that followed I got a sense for how the new schedule compared to the old one and what its effects were on the writing process. After some thought I’ve come to the conclusion that this was a good move to make and the future of this website is to publish fewer, but hopefully higher quality, posts per week. At some point within the next week or two I’m going to adjust my publishing schedule again, and after that point I’ll just be publishing on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. The Throwback Thursday posts are going to show up on Wednesdays and their new name going forward will be Wayback Wednesday. Seeing as how I also publish the photos from Throwback Thursday on Instagram, moving them up a day means visitors to this website will get to see photos one day earlier than my followers on Instagram. The travelogue posts of my journey across Japan and Korea will occupy the Friday slot until I get to the end of them, and once I reach that point I’ll make up my mind on what to write about next. Mondays will be probably be the variety slot that I publish thoughts on video games, current events, personal stories, or whatever is on my mind. As always, thanks for your continued readership and if you have any input you’d like to give me just leave a comment below or send me a message via the Contact page.

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