North Carolina.jpg

Back in November of 2010 my friend Ed and I flew out to North Carolina to visit a friend of ours who lived in one of the suburbs of the city of Raleigh along with his family. This was both my first time visiting North Carolina and the first time I had gone down into the American South for that matter. Early November turned out to be a great time to visit North Carolina, as the heat and humidity that the South is known for in the summer had subsided but the cold weather of winter hadn’t fully arrived yet. While there we traveled around the greater Raleigh area, ate some southern food, and visited the campus of my friend’s alma mater, North Carolina State University.

On one of the days we all went to a dog park and took along my friend’s two German Shepherds. It was getting late in the day and the shadows were growing longer as we played with the dogs. At one point I turned around and saw Ed leaning up against a tree in a moment of contemplation. Pulling out my little point-and-shoot camera, I captured what would become today’s photo. While Ed is the only person in the photo he’s not really the subject and I placed him off to the side to emphasize the scenery. Autumn leaves cover the ground and the sun is setting; winter steadily draws near. Sadly, I don’t remember if I asked Ed what he was thinking about. A year or two later my friend moved from North Carolina to Tennessee and I paid him a visit out there a few years ago, but I’ve not had a chance to revisit the South since then.

Bonus points if you spotted the dog in the photo.

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