San Fran Beach 2006.jpg

My grandmother used to live in San Francisco and I’ve visited the city a number of times over the years. Today’s photo comes from a visit to the city in July 2006 and if I remember correctly it was taken on either Baker Beach or Marshall’s Beach. While its not generally known for being a warm, sunny place, even San Francisco will get at some days of summer-ish weather each year and this photo is from one of them. Towering in the center of today’s photo is the Golden Gate Bridge, which just might be California’s most famous landmark. From the street in front of my grandmother’s old apartment in the Richmond District you could see the top of the bridge in the distance on clear days. I remember when I was in 5th Grade I visited San Francisco as part of a school trip and one of the things we did was walk across the Golden Gate Bridge and back. For some reason—maybe I was feeling sick; I don’t remember anymore—I fell way behind the other kids and it took me a long time to complete the crossing. In 2015 when I was in San Francisco for PSX 2015 I walked the length of the bridge again but didn’t have any issues. Being older and having longer, stronger legs probably helped.

Underneath the bridge, on the San Francisco side and partially visible in today’s photo, is Fort Point. The fort was built in the mid-1800s and guarded the entrance to San Francisco Bay though it never saw any combat during the time that it was used by the military. These days the fort is a national historic site and I believe I’ve visited it twice over the years.

San Francisco is a really interesting place and even though I’m not sure I’d want to live there I definitely hope to visit it again someday. No doubt one of the things I’ll do is get another photo of the Golden Gate Bridge, though I’m not sure if I’ll feel the need to cross it on foot again. I’ve got more photos from the city that might be worth sharing so in the future you may see more San Francisco images showing up in my Wayback Wednesday series.

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