In June and July of this year I published a pair of posts titled The First Photo From Japan and The First Photo From Korea in which I shared the first photos I took in Japan and Korea with my main camera and told the stories associated with each of them. In the weeks since then I decided that I ought to also share the final photos from Japan and Korea. I’m going to do Korea first and then Japan, seeing as how that matches the order in which I departed each country. With that said, below is the final photo I took in Korea.

Busan 2 Final.jpg

The last photo from Korea was taken on the tram that runs between the main part of the city of Busan and Gimhae International Airport. I took this photo looking out the front window of the tram and the airport can be seen in the distant right. This was actually the second time I had been going to Gimhae. A few days earlier I had departed Busan to spend three days on Jeju Island and ideally when I finished my time on Jeju I would have flown back to Busan and then connected to a flight heading for Tokyo but that flight schedule didn’t work out so I returned to Busan for a single night and then departed for Tokyo the following day. I remember the tram was less than half full, thus allowing me to move around freely and take today’s photo, and many of the other people on the tram were also foreigners like me. This small section of the tramline where you escape the urban part of Busan and pass over some farmland is surprisingly scenic. Today’s photo unfortunately doesn’t capture the scenery all that well and I wish I had taken some more photos while riding on the tram. It was a great final view of Korea before I arrived at the airport tram station and walked inside Gimhae for my flight to Tokyo. I had only spent about ten days in Korea but it had been a good trip and I’m hoping to visit the country again within the next year or two.

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