Chicago Profile.jpg

In September 2014 I flew out to Chicago for an extended weekend visit to a friend of mine who lived in a town just north of the city. Half the time we were hanging out in his neighborhood but the other half was spent in Chicago itself. One day we were out and about in the city along with my friend’s girlfriend and we came to the shore of Lake Michigan. I could be wrong, but I think it was the area just south of North Avenue Beach. I took a photo of my friend and his girlfriend with the Chicago skyline behind them and in return they got a shot of me, which became today’s photo. I tried to strike a somewhat dramatic pose, like I was seeing something in the distance or pondering the profound questions of life. Whether or not I succeeded I’ll leave up to you. Once the photo was taken we all moved on and checked out a few other things before going out to dinner.

Chicago is like New York in that it’s a city that I enjoy visiting although I don’t think I’d ever want to live there long term. Currently I’ve been to the Chicago area three times—the most recent visit being in 2015 when my friend and his girlfriend got married. Seeing as how they don’t live there anymore it’s unlikely I’ll be going to back to Chicago in the foreseeable future, but I suppose if I ever want to go revisit the city in virtual form I could always just replay Watch Dogs.

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