Last week I finally wrapped up the series of travelogue posts that chronicled my 2017 journey across Japan and South Korea. For those that missed any part of the series and would like to read my travel stories I’ve created a helpful resource below with links to each individual post. I’ll also add a link to today’s post in the Suggested Reading page of this website to make it easy to find in the future.

The links below are listed in the order that the posts were published so if you read them from top to bottom you’ll follow the chronology of my journey. Hopefully you enjoy the stories from my time in Japan and Korea, as well the photos I took while over there.

Tokyo: The Endless City
Nikko: Escaping the Crowds
Hakodate: Learning from Mistakes
Sapporo: Northern Limit
Kanazawa: Cycling the City
Kyoto: Cultural Capital
Osaka & Nara: The Running Man & The Deer
Hiroshima & Himeji: Destruction & Splendor
Miyajima: The Floating Torii
Nagasaki: Western Influences
Itoshima: The Boondocks of Japan
Fukuoka: Stopover
Seoul & The DMZ: Past & Present
Busan: East to West
Jeju Island: Life on the Road
Busan (Second Visit): View from the Roof
Tokyo (Second Visit): The Calm After The Storm

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