In last Friday’s review of Mass Effect: Andromeda I mentioned that the game places a heavy emphasis on player choice and that your choices will have effects on how certain elements of the story play out. Today I figured I’d share some of the decisions I made. This is not a comprehensive list of all the choices you can make in the game, but rather just the ones that were most memorable to me. Obviously there are spoilers for Andromeda’s story in the text below, so don’t read any further if you’ve not played the game and want to avoid having the story ruined for you.

My Decisions

* Ryder’s Gender: Male
* Romantic Partner: Vetra (I would have romanced Suvi but she’s only available for female Ryder)
* Preferred Class Profile: Infiltrator
* Established a science outpost on Eos
* Rescued Vehn Terev and handed him over to the Angaran Resistance
* Agreed to the protestors terms on the Nexus
* Gave the Oblivion formula to Dr Ryota
* Sided with Reyes and let Sloane die on Kadara
* Let the Angaran AI live and kept it for myself
* Sided with Gil in his argument with Kallo
* Gave the Remnant drive core to the Krogan
* Talked Avitus Rix into becoming the new Turian pathfinder (which results in Captain Dunn surviving the final mission)
* Told the Asari about Sarissa did but let her keep her job
* Had Peebee save Kalinda’s life
* Left the exaltation facility intact in order to save the Angaran (but also killed the Cardinal)
* Told Sarah the truth about what happened to Alec Ryder and the Initiative’s problems
* Spared Akksul
* Exiled Spender
* Did not reveal Nexus involvement with the Three Sabers
* Found the secret water source on Elaaden and kicked out Annea
* Sacrificed Drak’s scouts in favor of saving the Salarian pathfinder (this is the one decision I regret)
* Chose August Bradley for the ambassador position
* (Bonus) Character that I would have thrown out the airlock if given the option: Colonial Director Addison

If any of you played Mass Effect: Andromeda I’d be curious to hear what choices you made. Let me know in the comments sections.

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