Seeing as how there’s only a month left before my trip to Italy I figure I’m due to give an update on how things are coming together. A couple of important things have been accomplished since my last update in September and I’m pleased to say that progress continues to be made on preparations, even if that progress is slow at times.

First, the schedule of the trip has finally been figured out. My parents and I will be landing in Rome on November 18 and then after spending several days there we’ll move north to visit Florence and Siena. Once we finish there we’ll continue north for to spend few days in Venice and then we’ll come back down to Rome for a final two nights before flying back to America.

Second, all of our accommodations have been booked. We’ll be staying in a mix of hotels and apartments for this vacation and this should give my parents some good experience with both. After this trip they will know what kinds of places they prefer to stay in and will be able to make good choices on any future vacations they take overseas.

Several more reservations and purchases need to be made before departure but I’m confident they’ll be done soon. This weekend I’m going to look into renting a pocket wifi device and within the next week or two we’ll hopefully have all of our museum reservations made. I’ve also been thinking about buying a new lens for my camera but I’m not totally sure about that.

Next month I’ll probably give one final update before departure. This vacation is getting really close now and I’m starting to get that nervous and excited feeling that normally comes when a trip is right around the corner.

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