The Arles Amphitheater is one of the best-preserved Roman structures in France and remains in use even today. Originally it was built around 90 AD and after the Western Roman Empire collapsed the amphitheater was transformed into a small, fortified town with four towers added to it. In the 1800s the houses in the amphitheater were cleared out and the building was restored to its original purpose as an entertainment venue. These days the Arles Amphitheater hosts various performances, and when I visited in 2012 there was a school group down on the amphitheater floor being taught about Roman gladiator fights (you can see them in today’s photo). If you come to the Arles Amphitheater on the right day you might also have the chance to witness bull games, in which a bull has a ribbon attached to its horns and a bunch of brave/stupid men try to grab the ribbon without being gored.

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