This past weekend I finally finished going through all the photos and videos I took in Italy last month. In total I took 2,043 photos and 8 short videos. Normally I finish reviewing photos from a trip within a week or so of my return but I’ve had a lot of stuff going on this month so it’s taken longer than normal for me to get this task done. The thing that takes the longest to do is selecting which photos to keep and which to delete. Inevitably there are some photos that turned out bad and those are easy to identify and scrub from my hard drive, but I also took a fair number of photos that are similar to each other and those are the ones that take time to analyze. For example, I captured six slightly different photos of the front of the Pantheon but I don’t need all six of them and thus I spent a minute picking out the two or three that I liked the most. When this process of review and elimination was finished I was left with a total of 1,310 photos and 7 videos from that two-week trip. That’s roughly an attrition rate of 1/3, which is pretty high, but about what I expected given all those redundant photos. I kind of wish I had kept similar statistics about the photos I took on previous trips. It would be interesting to see how the attrition rate of this trip compared to the others.

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