The year 2018 is officially over and in the books and the year 2019 has now begun. Hopefully you’ve all had a good New Year’s Eve and are looking forward to the coming year. As for me, I’ve got some updates for you on what to expect on this website for roughly the next two weeks.

First, I’ve got several posts looking back at 2018’s writings and looking forward to what I might be writing about in 2019. These posts will occupy the rest of this week and probably at least one or two days next week.

Second, it’s time for my annual Game Of The Year awards. Expect two or three posts related to highlights from my previous year in gaming.

Third, there’s a tradition I’ve developed where my first “normal” blog post of the year is dedicated to Star Wars and I intend to keep that tradition going. The fact that there wasn’t a Star Wars movie last December means I don’t have an obvious topic for this post but I’ll think of something.

Once all of that is wrapped up I’ll return to publishing stories from Italy 2018, with occasional posts on gaming and other topics thrown into the mix. Hopefully you enjoy this little intermission.

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