It’s traditional in America and many other societies to come up with goals in January for the rest of the coming year. I’m currently brainstorming some goals for my personal life—which I’ll share on a later date—but I’ve also got some goal for my writing in 2019. Below is what I’m going to strive for.

Write and publish at least 100,000 words online
I’ve shown in the past that I’m more than capable of publishing on a regular schedule online and in 2019 I’m going to try continue my trend by publishing at least 100,000 words on this website. Obviously if I find myself away from this website for an extended period then this goal will be harder to meet but barring unforeseen circumstances it should be attainable.

Draft at least 15,000 words offline
My friend Ben has a practice of doing a lot of offline writing for personal projects and I’m going to try to mirror his approach in 2019. I’m setting the goal fairly low at 15,000 words to be on the safe side but if I find myself going far beyond that amount I won’t pump the brakes. The main goal with this offline writing is to continue to put effort into the work of fiction that’s been very slowly building in a folder on my hard drive.

Publish my old Spec Ops: The Line writing piece
Many years ago I played a game called Spec Ops: The Line and soon thereafter I started work on a writing piece about the game. Unfortunately that work stalled out and the file has been sitting on my desktop ever since. At this point I’m so far removed from the game that I’m not going to be able to publish anything that comes close to doing this game justice but it’s high time I just finished that writing piece and publish it on this website.

Publish all five parts of the Italy 2018 travelogue posts by the end of March
I mentioned these travelogue posts yesterday and how I wanted them done by the end of March so I figured I’d make an official goal out of it.


Those are the four main writing goals of 2019. Assuming I’m still writing at the start of 2020 I’ll try to remember to do a follow-up post in which I announce which of them I succeeded in accomplishing.

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