After several days of touring around Rome it was time for us to leave the city and continue our trek across Italy. From a bus stop next to the Largo di Torre Argentina archeological site we caught a bus to Termini Station, the main train station of Rome. Stepping into the modern interior of Termini almost feels like jumping forward in time after having spent a few days wandering around a city full of structures that are a few hundred to a few thousand years old. We arrived at Termini with plenty of time to spare and my parents bought some coffee on the upper level of the station while we waited for the train board to refresh and tell us what platform to go to. A couple of minutes later we had our platform number and we made our way down to the train. Security at Termini was a bit tighter than I remembered it being in 2012 though it’s still isn’t anything like the security checks at an airport. We had to show our tickets before being allowed onto the train platform but otherwise we got through without incident. Once on the platform we boarded the train, found our seats, and then settled down for the ride north. Next stop: Florence.

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