Florence Italy San Lorenzo Market

Florence Italy San Lorenzo Market

For dinner on our final night in Florence we went back to the San Lorenzo Market and headed up the escalator to the restaurants on the upper level of Mercato Centrale. It was a Saturday night and the entire level was packed with people. We must have spent 15 minutes walking around, looking both at our dining options and searching for a group of three open seats next to each other. When we finally got a group of three seats my mom held down the fort while my dad and I ventured out for our meal. I was tasked with getting some roast chicken from a particular restaurant while my dad went to go get some pasta. We divvied up our dinner when my dad and I got back and my parents had some wine to drink while I bought a soda. The family next to us at the table turned out to be another group of Americans though I forget exactly which state they were from. Our dinner at the San Lorenzo Market was a good one and I’d recommend it to anyone visiting Florence. Just know that it can get very crowded at certain times.

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