Florence Italy Apartment

Florence Italy Marathon

Florence Italy Marathon

It was a cold, rainy morning when we packed up our backpacks and prepare to leave Florence. I wasn’t feeling so great that morning, having come down with the flu, and unfortunately my condition wouldn’t be improving anytime soon. Thankfully both of my parents would remain healthy throughout the rest of the trip. We left the apartment for the last time a little after 10:00am. That day the Florence Marathon was being held and both the start and finish lines of the race were right by the cathedral. Despite the rain, the race was apparently in progress without any delays and it would be some time before the winner crossed the finish line. We didn’t stick around to see that, however, and proceeded on to the bus station where we purchased our bus tickets to Siena. It was going to be over an hour before the next bus to Siena departed and I personally would have liked to use that time to do last-minute sightseeing near the bus station but my mom thought it best that I stay out of the rain as much as possible so we instead went over to the nearby train station where we bought tickets for our future train ride north to Venice. Then we just sat around in the mall beneath the train station until about 10 minutes before the scheduled departure at which point we then walked back to the bus station. The bus showed up on time and soon we were on board and leaving Florence. Despite the rain we still had a great time in the city and I think my parents enjoyed this part of our trip more than any other.

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