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Yesterday I finally published the last entry in my series of travelogue posts that chronicled my trip to Italy last year with my parents. For those that missed any part of the series and would like to read my travel stories I’ve created a helpful resource below with links to each individual post. I’ll also add a link to today’s post in the Suggested Reading page of this website to make it easy to find in the future.

The links below are listed in the order that the posts were published so if you read them from top to bottom you’ll follow the chronology of my journey. Hopefully you enjoy reading these stories and if you do then feel free to share them around or leave comments.

Rome 2018: Getting Comfortable with Chaos
Florence 2018: The Gathering Storm
Siena 2018: Downpour
Venice 2018: Touring The Lagoon
Rome 2018 (Second Visit): One Last Walk

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