Venice Ferry
Boarding the ferry to Burano
Venetian Lagoon
Abandoned island in the Venetian Lagoon
Burano Island Italy
Taking my parents away from the crowds
Burano Island Italy
Footbridge linking Burano and Mazzorbo
Mazzorbo Island garden
Mazzorbo Island garden
Mazzorbo Island garden
Mazzorbo Island garden

After finishing on Murano Island we got on a ferry that would take us deeper into the Venetian Lagoon in the direction of Burano Island. The ride lasted about 40 minutes and gave my parents a chance to rest, though I chose to stand in the open-air part of the ferry. There’s not a lot to see on the ride between Murano and Burano other than the lagoon itself, but the ferry did pass by a couple of islands with abandoned buildings on them. I imagine that it was simply too expensive for the owners of these islands to maintain the structures on them and perhaps the islands are sinking anyway so there’s no point in anyone trying to restore any of the properties.

At Burano Island we got off along with all the other passengers but while nearly everyone else turned left to head into Burano I took my parents to the right. There was a little detour I wanted to take them on before we toured Burano. Across a wooden footbridge from Burano is the neighboring island of Mazzorbo and one of my favorite spots in the Venetian Lagoon. Right after you cross the bridge onto Mazzorbo you can find the entrance to a serene garden and vineyard that feels a world away from the rest of Venice. An old, rustic church tower keeps watch over this little slice of heaven that seems to have been left behind by the modern world. We spent a few minutes enjoying the garden and then crossed the footbridge back to Burano.


    1. It definitely is. Not too many people know about Mazzorbo even though it’s right next to Burano so it’s a great place to get away from the crowds. There’s also two or three highly rated restaurant on Mazzorbo but I’ve never been to any of them.

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