Venetian Lagoon
Expat island
Murano Island
Approaching Murano Island
Venice Italy
Almost back to Venice
Venice Italy
The Fondamente Nove terminal on the north side of Venice
Venice Italy
Heading to the train station
Venice Italy Train Station
Venice train station

The ferry ride back to Venice wasn’t particularly notable but near Burano I couldn’t help but notice a few nice looking houses on islands that were flying the flags of France and some other countries. I’m guessing wealthy expats live on those islands and I’d be curious to know how much it costs to live out in the lagoon. The shipping fees they must be paying to get everything brought to them certainly can’t be cheap.

When we finally got back to the Fondamente Nove terminal on the north side of Venice we then got on a water bus that cut through the middle of the city and then merged onto the Grand Canal to take us to the train station. There we bought train tickets for the next day and then rode another water bus down the Grand Canal to Piazza San Marco. From there we returned to the hotel room.


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