Tokyo Roppongi Hills Night

Tokyo Roppongi Hills Night

Tokyo Roppongi Hills Night

Tokyo Roppongi Hills Night

After doing a day trip down to Kamakura (which I’ll discuss in a future post) I went up to the observation deck at the Roppongi Hills Mori Tower to take in the view of Tokyo at night. Overall, I think was my favorite observation deck in Tokyo, mainly because of the view I was greeted by when I stepped out of the elevator. In front of me and to the right was Tokyo Tower, the city’s iconic orange landmark. A little to the left in the far distance was the Sky Tree, Japan’s tallest building. Far to the right was Tokyo Bay and Odaiba Island, where I would eventually get to see the life-size Gundam statue. Far to the left were the lights of Shibuya and in the distance beyond them were the towers of Shinjuku. Clouds were obscuring the night sky, but even if they were gone I doubt I’d have been able to see any but the brightest stars given the sheer amount of light radiating from the metropolis. After taking a few photos and looking around the observation deck I took a seat roughly facing in the direction of the first photo in today’s post and just sat there for ten minutes or so. When I felt my time was up I stood and walked around the rest of the observation deck. The views from the other sides of Mori Tower aren’t as iconic as the one looking out on the main part of Tokyo, but they do help you understand just how large the Tokyo metropolitan area is. In every direction you turn your head there is an unending ocean of city lights.

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