Japan Nikko Lake Chuzenji
Down the road I go
Japan Nikko Lake Chuzenji
Wasn’t expecting this
Japan Nikko Lake Chuzenji
View from the southeastern corner of the lake

Continuing on from the British and Italian Embassy Villas, I walked further south along Lake Chuzenji’s eastern shore. I had grand aspirations that day to do a full circuit of the lake but those plans fell apart when I hit a literal roadblock on the trail. A gate had been lowered across the path and a sign next to it said that hikers wouldn’t reach the bus stop at the western shore in time for the final bus of the day. The rain was coming down now and I walked down to the water’s edge to think. Trying to make a run for it along the southern shore was likely a bad idea, so I decided I’d return to Chuenjiko Onsen and then take a bus to Ryuzu Waterfall.

Japan Nikko Lake Chuzenji
Heading back to Chuzenjiko Onsen
Japan Nikko Lake Chuzenji
Fog getting thicker

Japan Nikko Lake Chuzenji

As I got closer to Chuenjiko Onsen the fog got really thick and I couldn’t see much beyond fifty feet or so. It wasn’t the thickest fog I’ve ever experienced but it was a bit eerie to see the town’s big torii gate emerge from the clouds as I got close to it. At the Chuenjiko Onsen bus terminal I got on the next bus heading west and rode it out to Ryuzu Waterfall, which will be the subject of tomorrow’s post.

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