Eight years ago today my first trip across Europe began. For three and a half months I wandered all across Europe, starting in London and then doing a giant counterclockwise loop around the continent. In honor of this anniversary I figured I’d share a few photos from some of the places I visited on that journey.

London England 2012
London, England
Bruges Belgium 2012
Bruges, Belgium
Paris France 2012
Paris, France
San Sebastian Spain 2012
San Sebastian, Spain
Toledo Spain 2012
Toledo, Spain
Seville Spain 2012
Seville, Spain
Avignon France 2012
Avignon, France
Florence Italy 2012
Florence, Italy
Rome Italy 2012
Rome, Italy
Venice Italy 2012
Venice, Italy
Lake Bled Slovenia 2012
Lake Bled, Slovenia
Zagreb Croatia 2012
Zagreb, Croatia
Budapest Hungary 2012
Budapest, Hungary
Vienna Austria 2012
Vienna, Austria
Salzburg Austria 2012
Salzburg, Austria
Prague Czech Republic 2012
Prague, Czech Republic
Krakow Poland 2012
Krakow, Poland
Berlin Germany 2012
Berlin, Germany
Copenhagen Denmark 2012
Copenhagen, Denmark

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