Japan Hokkaido Daisetsuzan Asahidake

I got up early on my final morning in Daisetsuzan to pack up my backpack. Before hitting the road there was a final meal served at my hostel and unlike the previous meals I had eaten in Daisetsuzan, I remembered to take a photo of it. The hostel I stayed in is called Daisetsuzan Shirakabasou and it’s the only hostel in Asahidake Onsen, which is the tourist village along the road that leads up to the lower ropeway station. My final meal in Daisetsuzan was a fairly simple breakfast but it was more than enough to get me ready for the day. After finishing my meal I grabbed my backpack, went to the front desk to pay the final bill for my stay, and then headed out to my rental car to start the day’s drive. I needed to be at the Wakkanai ferry terminal by 2:00pm to catch the ferry out to Rebun Island.

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